Works Published

EXTENDED Publications list here. The Frontlines Poetry Project pairs healthcare workers who have had harrowing experiences caring for patients during COVID with poets/writers to help tell those stories. My poem is here, but the entire project deserves your attention. Flash Fiction about graduating college during the Great Recession but still believing in magic is in this issue of Riot-Mag, June 2022.
Humor piece about The Manic Pixie Dream Girl and some other things, I’m Claire Colburn from the 2005 Movie “Elizabethtown,” And Actually, YOU Suck! (Robot Butt, June 2022) Poetry collection review, of “Erectric Schlock” by Aimee Le, up at the Cardiff Review (June 2022) Flash fiction about Charybdis living in your neighborhood is in this issue of Sunspot Lit, June 2022
Review of chapbook DONUTS IN SPACE for Stone of Madness Press, January 2022 Two nonfiction Flash pieces in FLASH BOULEVARD, September 2021 One Day in the Life of a Haunted Minimalist House in (mac)ro(mic), July 2021 Giant monster flash in Patchwork Lit Mag issue 2, June 2021 My Heart is Good and Yours is, Too at Shambles, February 2021 Zonnebloem, flash CNF in the Museum of Americana, February 2021 The Jersey Devil Stays Busy, Fiction Kitchen, November 2020 A Tree Telling of Girl Magic, Elephant Ladder Fall 2020 Unlucky Sometimes, Constellate Literary Magazine Energy From Living Things at X-R-A-Y Lit, January 2020 Quitting Cigarettes to Become a Blood-Drinker at Danse Macabre “Rivalry” in Variety Pack issue #2 Milkman by Anna Burns: a soundtrack to street harassment Essay on student debt at The Rumpus, January 2019 The ABCs of Poetry at Spry Literary Journal: J is for Joypopping Must Love Dogs at the Sunlight Press B-Side on Memoir Mixtapes, Vol 5: “Landslide” The Rewards of Re-Reading “Body Bereft” at Solstice Literary Magazine. LISTS Five Issues That Didn’t Get Resolved When We Turned into Vampires  at the Vignette Review(Nominated for a Pushcart Prize, 2016). Published again at Drunk Monkeys, November 2019 Eight Classic Works of Literature Summarized in a Yoga Studio Newsletter Literary Journal Reader Punch Card 10 Bad Ideas for “Transparent” Season 5 at Women in Comedy Festival Daily These 5 Life Hacks Will Save You Pennies Per Month, Which Is Actually Futile Considering the Crushing Weight of Your Student Debt Five Ways to Keep Your Rich Friends at Ease c/o Winedrunk Sidewalk Six Rules for AWP REVIEW Ecocentric Inclusiveness: A review of Poetics for the More-Than-Human World at EcoTheo Review Humankind and Birdkind Collide in The Owl House

Looking for a witch to burn: Beth Alvarado’s Jillian in the Borderlands

Short story collection reviewed at Heavy Feather Review, June 2020

Unusual nests: April Dávila’s 142 Ostriches at Cardiff Review

Volume 23, Number 3, Fall 2018 (#91) of rain taxi: Whiskey & Ribbons | Leesa Cross-Smith | by Laura Eppinger “Life After Rugby” by Eileen G’Sell, published at jmww. Book review: “The Walmart Book of the Dead” at the Same. JOURNALISM Interview with Loie Rawding at Heavy Feather Review, November 2020 Naming Exile: An Interview with Kaveh Bassiri Behind the Words: Interview with Jenn Storey

The Highs and Lows of Daily Life: Artist Interview with Sarah E. Swist and Kevin R. Mercer

Protest to Protect Net Neutrality at ROAR: Literature and Revolution by Feminist People Interview with Health and Wellness Educator Lauren Nixon Journalism piece about Representation in Podcasts at The Toast Interview with poet and teacher Luis Humberto Valadez. PHOTOGRAPHY “Oranges” from Royal Rose Mag issue 6 Desert Photographs and Facts Home: A Photo Essay In Praise of Indoor Spaces: A Photo Essay Eye on New Jersey A photo and a work of fiction in the International Woman’s Day 2015 edition of The Camel Saloon.