Stand Back, Doors Closing (M. Roanoke)

Excellent piece of fiction, paired with my photograph!

Rejection Letters

It was such a tiny, tremulous cry. A little robin’s egg beg, a small but bright


But I heard nothing, or I heard but didn’t hear because by the time I process the itty-bitty

“help me”

Enough to bother wondering where it came from, this precious wee


I immediately recognize that the situation has already escalated, so

If nothing else, there must have been other signs, and we’d missed them, as it is only just now that we all seem to be looking around, first at each other, and then, eventually, at

Oh such a little lost lamb of a lady,

Everybody’s grandmother (not mine, of course, my grandmother on the white side was an absolute ox, and my abuela was steel and fire and would have, with only a glance, commanded us to save her and be grateful to have had the chance) but the type of…

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I Stitch the Moon and the Moon Sees Me

This is by far the most elaborate stitchery project I have attempted, a scene like canvas. I made some mistakes I have to fix, but I still enjoy how this turned out. But I also can stitch faster than ever! About 2 months start-to-finish on this. It seems fitting to finish up this project while… Continue reading I Stitch the Moon and the Moon Sees Me

Dispatches from my favorite holiday

Do recommend: A 70s horror double-feature while baking a triple-decker cake. Suspiria and Invasion of the Body Snatchers on a Friday night "Devil's food" cake in spoooooooky colors! Happy Halloween from a cow, a centurion, Weird Al, and Honey Bunny in Pulp Fiction I get sick of winter rather quickly but I LIVE for autumn,… Continue reading Dispatches from my favorite holiday

Kentucky Hug

Lexington, I like your style! "The Horse Capital of the World" was good to us while we visited for a wedding. Barrel-aging whiskey smells (and tastes!) amazing. And now I want bourbon-cherries in everything. EVERYTHING! Some sights: Where's Nate?Fall is JUST beginning ... NECESSARY!Half Price Books, another regional delicacy Cheers!