In Honor of Juno

Recently I read that June, the month named for the ancient Greek goddess Juno (well, the Romanized name for Hera), was the month for weddings in the ancient Hellenistic world and much of the Global North / European cultures it influenced. To this day, June is still the most popular month to get married in… Continue reading In Honor of Juno

A few minor announcements …

MY CSA SHARE STARTED FOR THE YEAR!! Just trust me on this: Slice up a raw radish and eat with high-quality salted butter. THESE ARE TWO DIFFERENT COBBLERS! Weekly fresh strawberries have been a dream: Last year we ripped out the backyard sod and seeded a non-flowering clover, to fill in the lawn (after mowing… Continue reading A few minor announcements …

Brontë Season

I maintain that April-through-June is the ideal time to observe Brontë Season, where I listen to audiobooks by these weird sisters while walking the park or even better, sun-bathing sensuously. (Because they apparently hated that, and I am tormenting them from this side of the grave.) Eh, OK, I did listen to Villette indoors in… Continue reading Brontë Season

Two Weekends Away

HAPPY TULIP SEASON, Y'ALL! I did have to shelter a few during an Easter weekend cold snap: Twice this month I have been part of a fun Saturday excursion. On April 1 I spent 12 hours in Washington, D.C. Hello I am an adult and the first photo I took was of this golden statue's… Continue reading Two Weekends Away

Blossom Season

Lots of early spring plants are flowering on the East Coast so their stinky pollen fills the air. It's worth it to see some color on the trees, I think: Also: Happy National Poetry Month! On the first day of spring, my order of heirloom seeds arrived: It just so happened that during the first… Continue reading Blossom Season