As a University employee, my calendar is tied to July 1. That's when a new year starts, and for my purposes here I'll say: that's my deadline for spending one year's vacation days (as faculty I can carry nothing over) and the new year's worth of vacation time begins. In pre-Pandemic life, I traveled often… Continue reading Museum-Quest

One *single* kitschy witch thing

Salem, MA is a funky, fun spot. We were blessed with relentlessly good weather; every day, rain was predicted and every day, it stayed sunny and 78 degrees. Honestly, I recommend just walking the coast or through any of the numerous parks to watch the sun rise: I'll stop skirting the obvious: The town is… Continue reading One *single* kitschy witch thing

Honoring St. Botolph (Boston, MA)

During a weekend getaway to Massachusetts, a coincidence happened: We passed a church and street named for St. Botolph, and I realized I wasn't familiar with that saint at all. A little Googling revealed he is the patron saint of travel and the city of Boston (among other things!) and also, his feast day is… Continue reading Honoring St. Botolph (Boston, MA)