Northernmost Jersey

WHOOPS! This is an image from Philly ... Where I live and work now, folks sometimes denigrate "North Jersey." It's unfair in lots of ways. But do you know what's in Northernmost Jersey, like, on-the-New-York-state-line NJ? Mountains. Woods. Quaint country towns. Like this: May I suggest, the New York Renaissance Festival: South Jersey is still… Continue reading Northernmost Jersey

Finding That Fevered Dream State: An Interview With Laura Eppinger, Author of Loving Monsters


(mac)ro(mic) readers will remember One Day in the Life of a Haunted Minimalist House by Laura Eppinger: an excellent, different kind of haunted house story that we ran back in July. This piece and six other flashes appear in Eppinger’s chapbook Loving Monsters, available now and published by Alternating Current Press.

Editor-in-Chief Nick Olson recently spoke with Eppinger about her work.

There’s this wonderful weaving of the normal and the supernatural in Loving Monsters, with tableaus of everyday life set against stories that deal with vampires, werewolves, the Jersey Devil, and more. What was it like putting these pieces together?

Weaving the supernatural in with the everyday feels like a natural way of storytelling to me, and I’m thinking more and more about why. Certainly one reason is a lifetime of education in Catholic schools. For example we began every day of 5th grade with a random saint…

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BUY MY BOOK! under a blue moon

I will NEVER forget this past Leo season. I am a Leo (sun) and even I was stretched to my social limits. We had two full moons during this August (the second one over the weekend is called a "blue moon") and two big events in my life pushed me back into the spotlight: 1)… Continue reading BUY MY BOOK! under a blue moon