Two Weekends Away

HAPPY TULIP SEASON, Y'ALL! I did have to shelter a few during an Easter weekend cold snap: Twice this month I have been part of a fun Saturday excursion. On April 1 I spent 12 hours in Washington, D.C. Hello I am an adult and the first photo I took was of this golden statue's… Continue reading Two Weekends Away

In Lieu of AWP …

I have attended every conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Presses (AWP) since it was in LA in 2016 ... and am taking a break this year. I haven't been on an airplane since everyone took off their masks and I dunno, I'm really not into it. But I've also known for most… Continue reading In Lieu of AWP …

Additional Mood: Picnic at Laurel Hill East Cemetery

I promised myself: once I survived County Fair '22, I'd lay out on the beach with a book. To even heal from enough burnout to get back into the car, I had to sprawl out in my backyard reading quite a bit. I don't make the rules! Rainbow from my raised beds Then we got… Continue reading Additional Mood: Picnic at Laurel Hill East Cemetery

What I read in 2021

75 books in 2021 The kindest way I can describe 2021 is the cliche, One step forward, two steps back. The year began in pandemic lockdown. I became obsessed with women artists throughout history and read as much about them as I could. I also dove deep to learn more about the history of tarot… Continue reading What I read in 2021