Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

I held off as long as I could, but 2023 began with my first experience with COVID. Spending the short, dark, post-holiday days without going outside at all, mostly sleeping, was quite disorienting. I honestly can't say I've ever experienced such a long illness, certainly not in adulthood. Around Day 8 I was sick of… Continue reading Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

PRE-Winter Season

TECHNICALLY, we are in autumn until this Wednesday. But you could've fooled me! It's beginning to look a lot like ... Work meant festive crafts with kiddos this week: First weekend of December: PAX Unplugged Philly. What if we kissed under the giant inflatable Pikachu at PAX Unplugged 2022? Another scene from Pax Unplugged: And… Continue reading PRE-Winter Season

Side Quests

First Day of September Blooming Let me say right away that I do not think it is healthy or advisable to schedule so many work events, so many weekend events when one also keeps M-F office hours, that having a personal life / social time starts to feel like going on a "side quest." I… Continue reading Side Quests

Additional Mood: Picnic at Laurel Hill East Cemetery

I promised myself: once I survived County Fair '22, I'd lay out on the beach with a book. To even heal from enough burnout to get back into the car, I had to sprawl out in my backyard reading quite a bit. I don't make the rules! Rainbow from my raised beds Then we got… Continue reading Additional Mood: Picnic at Laurel Hill East Cemetery