spring break (from social media)

I turned off my phone and stopped logging onto social media (except for promoting events with a work account) for 12 days (and I am only returning now with one toe in the water). In those 12 days I: Read all of Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid in <16 hours Biked 4 miles… Continue reading spring break (from social media)

What I Read in 2020

84 books in 2020 Did you know you don't have to always find a silver lining? Sometimes it's OK to say that a hard year was difficult, unpleasant, unwelcome and unfair. This year was brutal and yeah, it's cool I read 80+ books but given the choice, I'd read zero books and have zero people… Continue reading What I Read in 2020

A Simple Solstice

The two words I associate with the Christmas season of this pandemic year are:Simple & Community I have long disdained the commercialism and shopping associated with American Christmas, so there's something potent to me about in person-shopping and crowded malls spreading a deadly virus this year. Avoid the mall? No. Problem.This isn't the first year… Continue reading A Simple Solstice