Peak Leaf Season and Other October Treasures

I was more festive this October than I have been—or, I've just been savoring the little things more. Yesterday was one of my favorite Halloweens ever, and I celebrated by staying in to hand out candy and Pokemon cards to Trick or Treaters. Their reactions were PRICELESS. Behold this spooky charcuterie!! THE. LEAVES. OOPS MORE… Continue reading Peak Leaf Season and Other October Treasures

End of September

Here are some things I did throughout the second half of September 2022: Said hello to Penn State: Explored Harrisburg, PA with a river walk and a book store: Jersey Shore Poetry Excursion: Watched the leaves start to change: Made a from-scratch sauce out of my garden, and otherwise observed season change: Backyard bean harvest:… Continue reading End of September

Side Quests

First Day of September Blooming Let me say right away that I do not think it is healthy or advisable to schedule so many work events, so many weekend events when one also keeps M-F office hours, that having a personal life / social time starts to feel like going on a "side quest." I… Continue reading Side Quests

Additional Mood: Picnic at Laurel Hill East Cemetery

I promised myself: once I survived County Fair '22, I'd lay out on the beach with a book. To even heal from enough burnout to get back into the car, I had to sprawl out in my backyard reading quite a bit. I don't make the rules! Rainbow from my raised beds Then we got… Continue reading Additional Mood: Picnic at Laurel Hill East Cemetery