Dispatches from my favorite holiday

Do recommend: A 70s horror double-feature while baking a triple-decker cake. Suspiria and Invasion of the Body Snatchers on a Friday night "Devil's food" cake in spoooooooky colors! Happy Halloween from a cow, a centurion, Weird Al, and Honey Bunny in Pulp Fiction I get sick of winter rather quickly but I LIVE for autumn,… Continue reading Dispatches from my favorite holiday

A Simple Solstice

The two words I associate with the Christmas season of this pandemic year are:Simple & Community I have long disdained the commercialism and shopping associated with American Christmas, so there's something potent to me about in person-shopping and crowded malls spreading a deadly virus this year. Avoid the mall? No. Problem.This isn't the first year… Continue reading A Simple Solstice