Dispatches from my favorite holiday

Do recommend: A 70s horror double-feature while baking a triple-decker cake.

Happy Halloween from a cow, a centurion, Weird Al, and Honey Bunny in Pulp Fiction

I get sick of winter rather quickly but I LIVE for autumn, and since Halloween, it has arrived! Chilly mornings, snuggling an electric blanket, getting cozy with books, taking walks in warm boots to watch the leaves change … YES

But truly, Halloween is for kids (though I’ll always be a kid at heart) and my FAVORITE way to celebrate is to make it a fun time for kids.

That’s me in the devil’s horns, obscured by a different kind of mask …

I helped in the kitchen of a community center Halloween event for families and also gave out candy to HUNDREDS of kids who trick-or-treated where I live. It is so fun to be on this side of trick-or-treating!

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