I Stitch the Moon and the Moon Sees Me

This is by far the most elaborate stitchery project I have attempted, a scene like canvas. I made some mistakes I have to fix, but I still enjoy how this turned out. But I also can stitch faster than ever! About 2 months start-to-finish on this.

It seems fitting to finish up this project while the seasons change — the moon cycles through its own phases after all.

I spent an entire weekend covering my gardens to protect and nourish their rich soil … which DOES involve some messy, itchy straw!

Wintering by Katherine May has me celebrating autumn by preparing for winter. I loved this quote, and read it one week after Halloween:

“Halloween is the border crossing into winter. Technically, November is an autumn month, too, with leaves still clinging to the trees. But psychologically, a line is crossed here. The day following Halloween, when the pumpkins begin to moulder, my thoughts turn to Christmas, to getting firewood and wearing tights under my jeans on Bonfire Night.”

I felt justified by this notion while I decorated the front of our house for several seasons at once:

Pumpkins and evergreens

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