What I read in 2021

75 books in 2021 The kindest way I can describe 2021 is the cliche, One step forward, two steps back. The year began in pandemic lockdown. I became obsessed with women artists throughout history and read as much about them as I could. I also dove deep to learn more about the history of tarot… Continue reading What I read in 2021

the pool party (Celeste Chen)

ob-SESSED with this story, paired with my photo:

Rejection Letters

The first time I peed in a pool, I was at George Murphy’s birthday pool party and Clara had just shown George the hair growing underneath her arms.

Gross! Clara has armpit hair! George shouted. He and Clara had been swimming along the deep end, and once he shouted, Andy joined in and so did Kevin, who went honk-honk-honk with his stupid goose-laugh. They began treading water around her, forming a human Bermuda triangle. Earlier, I’d overheard Mrs. Murphy calling them her Three Musketeers, but she was wrong because they bullied us constantly. For some reason, Clara still had a crush on George. Something about his hair. I didn’t understand it and I don’t think she did either.

The thing was, Clara and I shared everything – from snacks to Spanish homework to lip gloss – and so I kind of felt betrayed that she hadn’t told me about her…

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