My State Parks Pass as a personal challenge

I bought the 2018 NJ State Parks Pass and I am using it to challenge myself.

To get outside, if only an hour a day.

To get some sort of exercise every day.  One day this week I spent more than eight hours inside with meetings, but then got myself on a hiking trail and put more than four miles in. I had more energy after the walk.

To break up my commute. To stop at a park halfway between the office and home then walk before the sun sets.

To spend time in different parks. These are only photos of Cheesequake and Island Beach State Park. This pass can get me into many more!

To plan for outdoor adventures. To always keep water, dried fruit, protein bars, bug spray, sunblock and hiking shoes on me (that is, in my car), in case I find some time to squeeze in a lap on a trail. Or, sunbathing.

And, hopefully, to explore with friends. I could always use company!



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