People. Have faces?

I love to take pictures when I can think of it, but I am particularly bad at getting shots of people’s faces. Asking for a photo of people pauses conversation and makes us pose instead of acting naturally.

I do not like getting my picture taken so I don’t want to make anyone else uncomfortable by asking for their picture.

For the record, this is my favorite picture of myself, all time, forever. Remember me as the Joker please!

And things have gotten much more complicated online. I permanently deleted one account on a notorious site that violated user privacy, but widespread facial recognition software use is coming and I don’t like it. I would never want to violate the privacy of a person I care about by posting their pic!

That said, I am about to post a bunch of pictures of people’s faces. If you’re in one of these and you want your picture taken down I will do that, no questions asked.

But offline, where I want to spent 95% of my life, I will travel to see the people I love. I will hop any train or bus or drive on the highway to get to you. And I would like a picture, sometimes, to remember. These pictures bring back good memories and make me feel grateful for the people in my life.

Also I really liked my undercut. I miss it!

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