I feel lucky to live where I do, and try to take advantage of as much going on in my community as I can.

The Collingwood Book Festival is INCREDIBLE, get to it every year if you can.

A group in my neighborhood called Booze & Haiku meets to write suburban angst haiku!

The Rosenbach Museum in Philly has a special exhibit on Herman Melville … with cocktail events!

I found an interesting message in the centerpiece …

I am proud to call the coordinator of a public-library-based poetry workshop my friend. Since it is open to the public, we had some kids attend a recent meeting. It became my FAVORITE POETRY WORKSHOP EVER when they invented this technique of hiding something surprising in an ordinary-looking picture:

I also joined my local environmental group and helped clear a park of invasive ivy:

Plus I highly recommend taking a one-night class at a craft studio if you’re lucky enough to live by one. I present: The Fabric Star

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