Spring Break

I am revitalized by the smell of damp earth, especially after enduring winter. Blooms and green shoots bring me back to life. I desperately needed to attend the Philadelphia Flower Show at the end of February. It was like medicine:

Oh, and a shout-out to these ladies for keeping me alive at work. Work is great! Work is demanding! Work got very busy right before I left on these adventures, and these friends kept me alive so I could enjoy a Spring Break.

Then the next day, I got on a plane and flew to Texas.

What is UP with San Antonio? I mean, mourning doves coo night and day, even during thunderstorms. Texas Mountain Laurels bloom and spill. The streets are named for Sadness and Solitude. But the people are SO nice! Are we all heartbroken and intoxicated in San Antonio?

I mean, what a perfect place to convene a writers conference.

Once a Lyft driver listed off dozens of great places to go drinking in the city, but then told me San Antonians are obsessed with death and very superstitious. Again: This is writer culture.

Also: Central Public Library in SAT has so much art and it is free to see! It was a pleasure to learn about the Essential art collective, which put on the Mask Show:

As well as more about artist Linda Pace. The installations of small crystals represent the 22,722 days she was alive:

By Jesse Amado

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