I Don’t Know What Else To Do, So I Got a State Park Pass

Life is still uncertain in the wake of COVID-19, so concepts like “Memorial Day Weekend” and “beach trips” aren’t really registering for me.

I still bought my NJ State Parks Pass for 2020. Nothing helps me clear my head and relax like a long walk. I wear a mask to cover my mouth and nose, keep more than six feet away from other folks, and assume all restrooms are closed.

As long as I can take a long walk, I’m happy. Here are three state parks I visited this week:

The other resource that calms me down has been the Sheltering in Love lecture and meditation series by Tara Brach.

Though I have to say, I feel a LITTLE called out when she says that being addicted to feeling productive is like being addicted to anything else. I have had to contend with how hard it is to stay still (and inside at home) this year.

I do find most of the times I am able to just breathe and be in the moment happen inside state parks. But the truth is, I can work to make it happen anywhere.

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