Observing Summer Solstice

I informally honor the Summer Solstice every year, in little ways. I am thankful for the long hours of daylight and try to squeeze in as much life and gratitude as I can.

In this bizarre and difficult year it’s nice to have one thing happen consistently: the world is still rotating around the sun, and the days stretch the way they always have.

I tried to be present and aware throughout the day, and remind myself what I was seeing:

It’s the longest day, and Fairmount Park is gorgeous.

It’s the longest day, and the world is green and alive. I keep fresh flowers at home and live off the farmers market.

It’s the longest day, and Black Lives Matter. The city I am in is rising up to make change.

As the sun finally set, I reread a beloved comic: Sandman #19, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

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