Places I Have Been

Due to a surge in cases of the (highly contagious) Omicron variant of COVID, I stopped, like, going places for six weeks in December 2021-February 2022.

I really like to go places, is the thing, so it’s been tough. I mean, I’ve been stitching. And trying to read through the books that have been on my shelf for the longest amount of time.

Here are a few images I’ve captured the few times I have gone out. I must have known I’d want something to hold on to and remember:

Mount Holly, NJ:

New Brunswick / Highland Park, NJ:

My office! I was called back to work in-person Jan 31. Here is a misty morning at work:

Cape May, NJ. On a somber day. The waves soothe me.

Bellworks in Holmdel, NJ:

For the most part, this is where my brain has been at these last few months:

I accidentally placed a pen in my iced coffee … the pen still works and I drank that coffee!

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