Peak Leaf Season and Other October Treasures

I was more festive this October than I have been—or, I’ve just been savoring the little things more. Yesterday was one of my favorite Halloweens ever, and I celebrated by staying in to hand out candy and Pokemon cards to Trick or Treaters. Their reactions were PRICELESS.

Behold this spooky charcuterie!!



Festive Event: all-night reading of “Dracula” by Bram Stoker, cover-to-cover, dusk till dawn:

Three trick-or-treat bags made for kiddos I adore:

Festive event: Carving pumpkins at home, then doing the Pumpkin Walk in Saddler’s Woods:

Silly spoopy fun:

Gifts from the garden ripen or dry:

Seasonal reads:

I finished The Sandman: Omnibus 3!

Maybe not fall-themed, but fun: Seeing Ilana Glazer @ Punch Line, Philly.

Sometimes hurricanes mean cozy indoor hangs:

Oof, sometimes the cold rains come on the day of your visit to the Battleship New Jersey:

So, you’d THINK that all of this observance of this certain time of year would get me ready for 2022 to end and 2023 to begin … and yet I find myself bewildered and feeling unprepared! I have a new wall calendar and planer/organizer for 2023, so here’s hoping I get my head on straight for the last two months of the year.

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