A few minor announcements …


Just trust me on this: Slice up a raw radish and eat with high-quality salted butter.

THESE ARE TWO DIFFERENT COBBLERS! Weekly fresh strawberries have been a dream:

Last year we ripped out the backyard sod and seeded a non-flowering clover, to fill in the lawn (after mowing it looks the same) but also feed some pollinators, grow deeper roots to help with our drainage problems, and also serve as more of a carbon-sink than sod. It’s an experiment…

During that rainy April, the clover grew tall and puffy. Only recently has it flowered these rare, feathery, red blooms:

Dispatch from one glorious spring day in Princeton, NJ:

May The Fourth and also a Sweet Bebe Is One With The Force Party:

We ❤ You Monmouth County!

Second Annual Mother’s Day Tea at our house was the social event of the season!

Aaaaand one major-ish announcement coming soon!

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