The Sad Magic of a Beach Town in Winter

Growing up, we were a Point Pleasant Day Trip Family, but mostly for the Boardwalk. We liked the softserve icecream in a fresh hot waffle, and playing the game of Frogs.

For lying on the beach we were Avon-By-the-Sea daytrippers. Later, we became yearly pass-carriers for Sandy Hook, since it’s a State Park and has bike routes as well as places to sunbathe. And let’s get one thing straight: I was not allowed to go to Wildwood after prom.

We always made the most of the Jersey Shoreafter an hour or so in the car.

When I returned to this area as an adult, I shared a love of Sandy Hook for jumping in the ocean and learned to visit Asbury Park for shows, Belmar for vegan treats, Long Branch for coffee and a stroll, Spring Lake for miles and miles of boardwalk walking, and more.

I work for a beachy county now, and one of the many, many joys I have found is stealing a walk along the surf before or after work. That smell of the salt water! The soothing of the tide.

The beach is beautiful, and not just between May and September. I need to stare at the sea in all seasons now, and I am enamored of the sad magic of beach towns in winter.


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