Beauty Behind the Scenes


One hang-up for NJ residents (and we have many) is an aversion to being perceived as tourists during time spent in New York City.

Because we’re savvy! We can navigate the Subway (with no help from MTA, like actually audible announcements of station stops). We are ready for the crush of people and the bright lights and the, let’s say, occasional gruffness and impatience we encounter in others.

But we don’t live in New York, and probably haven’t been to every museum or ramen joint or show or balcony or cafe or whatever it is we are interested in. To prevent ourselves from looking or feeling like tourists, we don’t explore. And that is a waste.

I’ve come to a truce with myself: My rent and living expenses are high because I live so close to NYC, and along transit lines to get me there (even though I don’t work there and I never have), so I should visit and enjoy this cultural hub whenever I can.

And so I say to you without any irony or restraint: Visit Lincoln Center. Unless you are quite familiar with these theatres and concert halls, take the guided tour.

I was lucky enough to see a no-costumes rehearsal of the warbling Wagner opera “Parsifal.” Wow those German voices were booming!

I also witnessed a full dress rehearsal of “Semiramide,” set in ancient Assyria, with costumes that literally sparked with rhinestones and sets of gilt angel wings and figures of divine animals. Many golden dogs on stage!




Our tour guide shared tips on getting discount tickets or where to watch for free events, how to see rehearsals at a highly discounted rate, and free-of-charge nooks to hang out and soak in the plush red velvet walls and impressive chandeliers.

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