Essential Summer Experiences

I can’t tell if this is a common pre-teen phase or a 1999-era phenomenon, but the summer I turned 13 I was obsessed with collecting, and following, Summer To-Do Checklists in teen girl magazines.

The month of July has unfolded for me like I am following another checklist. I have experienced:

A Scary Movie: The first one in a long time, and the last one hopefully for forever!


A Pool. Well, several pools, and I am thankful for each and every one!


A Carnival Ride: I think this was my first in 12 years. We did it for science.



Civics Projects. Oh come on, you do need this to be part of your summer!



TIME OUTSIDE! Let’s start with something countrified.


The Beach: My heart.




Down Time to Create Something.
I made another round of kombucha:

… I did not make these cupcakes but I think they are hilarious.

Reflection Time.

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