The Public


Private vehicle ownership is not working out for me. I have never been able to afford a new car, but the used ones I can buy outright fall apart and the repairs are expensive.

I’m taking an indefinite break from my car. I feel lucky I can get to work with public transit, though it isn’t a quick or efficient route. And it’s a pretty rotten time of the year to spend so much time outside waiting for a bus or train.


I would argue that the best part of commuting on public transit is that I can read. This week I fell in love with Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury. It reminds me of my passion for punchy language, but also of the necessity of public libraries, walks outside … and the public, in general, to be able to write about the world.

To feed your Muse, you should have always been hungry about life since you were a child. If not, it is a little late to start. Better late than never, of course. Do you feel up to it?

It means you must still take long walks at night around your city or town, or walks in the country by day. And long walks, any time, through bookstores and libraries.

Pro: living without a car makes me feel like a beatnik.


Con: Waiting for public transportation in the cold saps the life out of me. I’m tired and need to sleep nine or more hours a night. I dream about being stuck at a train station or waiting for a bus that will never arrive.

Can I call it a draw? I literally cannot afford to tow or fix my car so let’s say yes!



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