A Quest for Old Tomes

Look at these dopey darlings! The sunflowers I grew in my backyard always make me smile:

Since I last posted, I’ve had to cancel two sets of Fall Plans: One book festival I was going to promote my new book at. And a dear friend’s wedding.

Well, all that time has freed up so I can take a vacation day to … get my car serviced.

How to cope with an oil change that takes 2+ hours:

(Supply chain interruptions are no joke! Just sit tight and remember to always treat employees with kindness and respect.)

Well, a day off is a day off, so I visited some old stomping grounds in New Brunswick, NJ. Namely, some campus libraries, on a quest to learn more about the origins of the tarot.

I have to say, trawling university stacks for old tomes is very, very tarot.

Listen to me: Run, don’t walk, to catch the new exhibit on Angela Davis at the Zimmerli Art Museum!

I will share that every time I am in range I put on 90.3 The Core community radio in the car. Whenever I drive out of range and it turns to static, I’m always a little sad.

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