Golden Hour (of civilization?)

It’s been a hot and muggy summer, and now is the season of devastating weather events. I am safe and grateful.

We lost power one morning, so I chugged a room temp soda instead of coffee and took a cold shower on the way to work. I am not saying this to complain — more like, to witness and remember.

The weather is erratic and I’ve canceled one October trip already this week, due to a spike in Delta variant cases where I was going to travel.

I don’t think it’s right for me to insist that the world go back to normal; it’s clear we can’t just force COVID to go away by reopening too soon. But in this late summer season, there are some things that make me feel more like myself.

I feel most like myself when I open the windows to listen to the rain, and take a long walk at golden hour just watching night arrive and sighing at every gorgeous sight. These are things I can carry with me, through all of the uncertain times ahead.

Here’s some golden hour light for you:

Here’s the Ocean City Boardwalk in August:

If you are reading this, I hope you are safe first of all. And I hope you will stay safe by being cautious, and by not ignoring climate change or the pandemic. I know they are uncomfortable truths. I’m scared, too.

The world of the future cannot look like the world of the past. Or even the world of 2019. I can’t say for sure what it will be, but I am hoping for more gentleness and savoring simple pleasures.

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