Los Ageless

My Ladies Weekends in LA have changed a bit–more naptimes and snacktimes built in, and bedtime is at 8 p.m.

So many dance parties and giggles too!

Pizza and s’mores together since 1998!

I had a great time staying in K-Town, starting with an excellent view from my room:

And yeah I said snacks!

Cold soba on a 95-degree day

Southern California is in bloom! I was healed by every blossom, every ray of sunlight.

I got lost in the beauty, and never wanted to stop walking. I am new to the fitness-band-step-counting world though I have always loved to walk. I have never recorded this many steps on an app before:

16,000 steps and I could have kept going.

Los Angeles has great art museums. Yeah, a lot of other culture is located here, and I honor that. But between the Getty and LACMA, my mind was working double-time.

And I cannot help myself, I did watch people too. Being in and out of lockdown makes me more curious than ever. And I kept seeing people dressed to match the paintings in the Picasso Room.


Just so good for my brain, and my spirits, and EVERY part of me to see new sights.

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