Spring Things

Every March I become impatient. When will winter END, is it spring yet??

One way I’ve been ushering the new season in is continuing a generations-long family tradition: Easter lamb cake. I bought my own mold but knew there had to be at least one trial run:

A thing I still kinda can’t believe is: AWP 2022 happened, in person, in Philly! The weather was pretty awful! But I got to see writer friends and read a short story on a live mic in front of a room of people, and sell my book and promote an awesome press and SIGN THAT BOOK!

Not related to writers, but: The Museum of the American Revolution in Philly is fabulous!

One big spring announcement: I HAVE A NONFICTION CHAPBOOK COMING OUT MAY 5!!

It’s about learning to read the tarot and being uncomfortable in the desert and some of my worst moments, honestly.

I am celebrating by noticing lanterns and hermit imagery everywhere!

A Hermit Praying in the Ruins of a Roman Temple, c/o The Getty

The tarot will always help me make meaning. I’ve been experimenting with learning to read tea leaves, too.

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