I am STILL plugging away at a very detailed biography of Goethe, maybe I’ll never finish, who knows. I had Friday the 13th off and in the morning read about the writer/philosopher ditching a Prussian government service job to bum around Italy, dropping in on different friends or as he called them, “Beloveds.”

Let’s say that’s what I did this weekend, too.

On Friday I picked up one dear friend for a coffee shop visit, a farmers market stroll, and a walk about the park. THEN went to catch up with another friend at a Halfway to Halloween haunted farm. More on the gore but, this is what that looks like in terms of daily step count:

About that Field of Terror:

The weekend rained and rained. But that did not stop our group from enjoying a Greek Festival:

We walked through History Day at East Jersey Old Town Village with umbrellas and held out as long as we could. Later, we found water inside our phone cases — that was a soggy day.

My #1 Beloved had a birthday this weekend:

His request was a NYC day of feasting … can do! And the sun came out, eventually.

Aaaaaand I also broke my step-counting record.

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