A sun roof and a Flower Moon

…. I just washed four pairs of shoes. I’ve been going on a lot of adventures lately–ESPECIALLY compared to the last 2.5 years–and got muddy, grass-covered, or dusted with city grit.

Last thought from the Bowery: Picked up a very beat up copy of this play at Housing Works Books because I found a letter to student about their upcoming semester at Hunter College from 1991. They declared their Liberal Arts major while reading this copy. I am obsessed with this artifact.

Other highlights from the last month include our Mother’s Day Tea:


A date I took myself on in Philly, including catching “Bitter Fruit” by Ahmen Alsoudani at the Philadelphia Fabric Workshop and Museum:

Life stuff has been busy, too. I traded in my car for a hybrid, to be a little nicer to the planet and pay less at the pump. Unexpectedly, it has a sun roof?!?!

Much of my work life is teaching kids about pollinators. It’s been a great way to usher in the growing season! It felt like we would never get here, but this last month was the height of Spring. This weekend the Flower Moon looked down on us. I was happily looking back up.

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