Say NO to June Gloom!

Neighbor’s yardwork left this on our fence, but I like it as decor!

Generally, I love June. I want to be outside ALL THE TIME, for hours and hours, reading about trees and sitting under trees and writing letters I will mail with Giving Tree stamps:

But I had a rough start to this month all the same. Got a booster shot and spent a weekend sleeping and sweating. Then picked up a sinus infection and spent a whole week sweating and sleeping!

At work, I love to teach kids about pollinators. An outdoor program means I can get “pollen” (cornstarch) EVERYWHERE!

Last week of May I walked across the Ben Franklin Bridge, from Camden to Philadelphia:

We’re moving closer to summer, it’s getting hotter, but I still try to take walks. I’ll even do so at 6 a.m. if it’s going to be an unseasonable 90-degree day. Here are some wondrous sights I’ve caught, in the June light:

Had no choice but to turn 2 pints of strawberries into a cobbler (Talenti gelato not included in my CSA share)

Found this stowaway in my farm produce this week, what a rude lil guy:

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