PRE-Winter Season

TECHNICALLY, we are in autumn until this Wednesday.

But you could’ve fooled me!

It’s beginning to look a lot like …

Work meant festive crafts with kiddos this week:

First weekend of December: PAX Unplugged Philly.

What if we kissed under the giant inflatable Pikachu at PAX Unplugged 2022?

Another scene from Pax Unplugged:

And any excuse to walk around Philly is accepted:

Went to the Fabric Workshop & Museum two days in a row. Dream House by Rose B. Simpson was INCREDIBLE:

As was this:

That conference brought a LOT of people together. But the ultimate goal was to stock up on games and puzzles to help us while the cold dark months away at home.

Since Thanksgiving, the weather is cold and my hobbies are cozy.

Diaper Bag / Baby Shower Gift for a dear friend:

Walk through Laurel Hill East on a crisp, chilly day (coffee stop first):



This overnight bread recipe from the King Solomon’s Table cookbook made the house smell great and kept the kitchen warm till morning:

Young Adult Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels were important to me as a teen and quite formative as a writer. I haven’t had a good YA binge in some time, so I decided to tear through the Throne of Glass series…

I love the beach in all seasons (but summer is the best). Some sights from Ocean City on the last day of November:

The downside to this seasonal shift: EVERYONE. IS. SICK.

I passed this on a walk this month. Gross. (But at least it was negative.)

There’s a real big holiday to celebrate over the next week, which is great. But I’ve also come to accept winter as a time to stock up on supplies (like hot chocolate and board games and library books) and stay safe and sheltered at home.

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