it 2023.

On the very last day of autumn, I winterized my garden beds. Sleep well, beloveds, and see you soon:

I loved hosting for Christmas Eve, then staying in New Year’s Eve.

Made this design on a tote (with a vision of the tote being just filled with books):

EVERY time I take on a cross-stitch project, I end up trailing bits of thread everywhere. No matter what I do! Here is a stowaway I found on my work desk:

Personally I did not partake, but this Christmas was all about high-quality meats:

A cozy Christmas day at home:

We had a notably cold Christmas. Taking walks was painful for a week!

New Year’s Eve record store run:

Rang in the New Year with JUICE!

Now … it 2023.

I can’t say I feel any different, but I do like the chance to check in with myself. Right now my top priority is taking care of a few minor health things, and doing kind things for myself now so I can feel better in body and spirit.

I had Jan 2 off in observance of New Year’s Day. It was an overcast and oddly warm and humid day.

Spent the morning outside with a hibiscus-red-currant latte and a book.

The Green Man is stuck in a West Philly sinkhole??

What an absurd scene:


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