Summer Colors

This is my first year with backyard raised beds for veggies, and some other landscaped spots for flowers, too. I learned everything I know from community gardens in city centers. Plants were made to bloom–it happens anywhere.

Watch my zinnias open:

I used old food containers to sprout some veggies in March. Three months later, my harvest is just starting:

I always feel resuscitated in summer, but more than ever I notice colors and smells. Listen, I am worried about vaccine break-through COVID cases and the Delta Variant, and I will go back into lockdown if it becomes necessary.

I find a lot of solace in my own backyard, and in keeping my own company and rituals.

I honored the solstice and the full moon on my back patio.

I also recommend signing up to volunteer with Postcards to Voters. Crafting these indoors was also a color-packed experience:

For now, I am seeing as many sights as I can and soaking it all in.

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