Additional Mood: Picnic at Laurel Hill East Cemetery

I promised myself: once I survived County Fair ’22, I’d lay out on the beach with a book.

To even heal from enough burnout to get back into the car, I had to sprawl out in my backyard reading quite a bit. I don’t make the rules!

Rainbow from my raised beds

Then we got a hot, dry day and I felt called to … Laurel Hill Cemetery East.

Yes it is a cemetery with a funeral home on site. It is ALSO a public park with immaculately maintained gardens. It’s a museum and history site, and a community space for arts and other events.

Its looped paths are great for walking and hitting step goals.

It’s my ideal place to lay down my picnic blanket, get cozy with a book, and enjoy a LaColombe Pontaluna Punch (cold brew with cherry juice, bitter and sour and perfect), and a petal-pistachio cookie from Cake Life.

I’m late to reading “All the Pretty Horses” by Cormac McCarthy; actually, I’ve never read a single thing by Cormac McCarthy. So, I’ll always remember cracking it here in the shade of the cemetery, eating a tasty treat.

I told this all out of order. I went to Fishtown first..

And, I had a weird mid-week day off before working a Saturday event. Outdoors working and hustling AGAIN, that’s me:

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