Blossom Season

Lots of early spring plants are flowering on the East Coast so their stinky pollen fills the air. It’s worth it to see some color on the trees, I think:

Also: Happy National Poetry Month!

On the first day of spring, my order of heirloom seeds arrived:

It just so happened that during the first week of spring, I also finished all the cross-stitch projects I aimed to complete this winter. So, I packed stitchery stuff away. (Of course a person can be crafty in spring and summer. I STITCH IN SPRING & SUMMER! Sometimes. This is going to be a madly busy season of my life, though. So in 2023, the torch is passed from stitchery to rooting around in the soil.)

My last two totes were: This mystical cat ying-yang bag:

And, the guitar bag (which I started stitching in the courtyard of the honest-to-goodness Betsy Ross house in Philly!):

Pilgrimage: Mitsuwa

The Japanese grocery store is a 2-hour drive from home, but worth a semi-annual trip to stock up, especially on a gorgeous day:

When it comes to after-school programming, I’ve hit some homeruns with Play-Doh. Kids who are older than you might think, and ADULTS, have been telling me it feels good to mold something with their hands, such as:

For my own enrichment, I had fun researching the Philadelphia and South Jersey connections to the history of American paleontology, to write this silly (but factually accurate) post.

I spent a day visiting the statue and plaques for the Haddonfield Hadrosaurus:

And really enjoyed reading this biography of Joseph Leidy.

Uh … Looks like I was the first to crack this spine of my library’s copy though:

I don’t know where else to put this: I am lately obsessed with members of the public writing responses or edits to public signs. I get that it can be vandalism but iS iT aLsO dIsCoUrSe?

And lastly, I cannot help myself: My tulip buds remind me of Little Shop of Horrors.

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