Two Weekends Away


I did have to shelter a few during an Easter weekend cold snap:

Twice this month I have been part of a fun Saturday excursion. On April 1 I spent 12 hours in Washington, D.C.

Hello I am an adult and the first photo I took was of this golden statue’s butt:

This was a Bucket List item I can check off the list: Cherry blossom bloom in the Tidal Basin:

I was so inspired that I researched more about the Japanese cherry trees and wrote this post.

HIGHLY recommend the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art.

“Rainbow Serpent” by Romuald Hazoumè

CAN WE TALK ABOUT!!! Cultural and religious items that were acquired in dubious circumstances being returned to their nation of origin. That is CORRECT. And messy and complicated.

The entire exhibit on Nollywood stars was incredible! We used to watch Nollywood movies on satellite when I lived in South Africa more than a decade ago, but I hadn’t encountered much awareness about this industry in the States till I saw this exhibit.

The weather was perfect for the part of the day we could sit on a bench outside the Smithsonian Castle and watch the world go by.

I know spring is here because the extra light every day gives me energy, and I once again broke my step-counting record. Just a little 8-mile stroll through arts, history, culture, and pretty pink trees:

And then, Saturday April 15 we headed north instead of south.

Pitstop: Picnic in Princeton on a park bench:

And then to Montclair for a Cultural Double-Feature. First, an evening with Michelle Zauner:

And then to the movies to see a beautiful animated movie to make us all cry.

Sunday book …

… and Sunday brunch.

Jayce Baudry Monclair and Uncle Momo

I’ve been trying to sprout veggies for my raised beds:

And spring-cleaning like MAD. A lovely local org collects pre-assembled bags of plastic cutlery + napkins + hand-wipes, so I got 100 packets of these out of my house and hopefully put to use:

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